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Phone Translation Appointment Form

If you already have an account for our Phone Translation Service, you can make an appointment by filling out the form below.
If you would like to set up A NEW ACCOUNT with us, click on the highlighted text.

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Information on person your wishing to call. Please put as much information as you can.

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If you saw the girl's profile on "A Foreign Affair" site, please enter her profile ID number.

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What time do you want us to schedule your call?

Please take into consideration the time difference between 2 countries, you do not want to call the girl in the middle of the night, or call her in the day hours when she is most likely at work. For Russia-Ukraine it is usually 10-12 hour difference with MST (Mountain Standard Time).

To make the call time convenient for both you and your party, we would apreciate if you gave us three optional dates and times, when you would like to schedule your call. All times should be converted to MST.

We will let you know if there is a conflict between timezones.

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